To buy combined fodder TM Feed&Life wholesale or retail through combined fodder factory FEEDLIFE

Sooner or later, private farmers or farms members in Ukraine are faced with the question of where to buy combined fodder wholesale in a balanced composition and without overpaying. Some owners of agricultural business from the very beginning prefer full-rational fodders, well-established in professional circles for years of application. Other consumers come to this decision after they have received a negative experience of feeding animals, birds or fish with poor-quality fodder.

Fodder policy has great importance for everyone who is engaged in fattening of young animals purchased or obtained as a result of independent breeding with the aim of further sale of meat products.

Because the speed of weight gain, the quality of meat and egg production, and therefore the financial result of your activity depends on the correctness of selecting feed for animals, fish and poultry And the insignificant economy on the cost of feedstuffs without vitamins and minerals actually results in a decrease in all these indicators.

Therefore, if you aspire to provide your customers with a first-class meat product with a minimum cost per unit of output, first of all you need to provide an effective feed base for the animals and poultry livestock. In this question you will be helped by cooperation with a stable and competent partner, which must be selected among a variety of combined fodder manufacturers.

Production of combined fodder from the factory FEEDLIFE

The modern factory for the production of mixed fodders and feed additives «FEEDLIFE» is one of the leading representatives of its branch in Ukrainian market. The result of its uninterrupted functioning is the products of trade mark «Feed&Life», intended for professional fattening of farm animals and poultry. In the assortment of our company are presented mixed fodders, BVMD, premixes TM «Feed&Life». Product application of various complexity and purpose allows to reduce the consumption of ordinary grain and increase the productivity of farm animals and poultry.

Being engaged in combined fodders production in Ukraine since 2008, the «FEEDLIFE» combined fodder factory has stably satisfied the customer needs in the most popular standard feeds and feed additives. In parallel, the scientific departments stuff develops feed programs according to unique recipes with considering the individual wishes of customers.

All products of combined fodder production factory «FEEDLIFE» are made from high quality raw materials without antibiotics and hormonal growth stimulants in composition.

The combined fodder, produced on such principles, which has competitive price in Ukrainian market of agricultural products, confidently win the confidence of consumers, thereby eliminating the necessity to buy more expensive foreign analogs.

Thanks to the innovation introductions in the technological process and the production capacities increase, the «FEEDLIFE» factory fully provides the domestic consumers needs in combined fodders with the optimal price-quality ratio. And presence of factory’s official representations in the regions of Ukraine allows you to order «Feed & Life’s» brand products from anywhere in the country with shipment in the shortest possible time.

Official website FEEDLIFE

Want to buy combined fodders wholesale on favorable terms? And in search of reliable company dealing with animal feeds production and sales accidentally went to the «FEEDLIFE» official website? In that case you are at the right place! Our site is created especially for those wholesale and retail customers who are interested in timely feeding of animals, poultry and fish through the convenient online-order of highly effective products at producer prices.

On our website’s pages you will find a structured description of proposed products of each species. In addition, your attention is offered to useful information, prepared by experts, about combined fodders of «FEEDLIFE» own production. In this case, you can always be aware of our promotional offers in real time. And we recommend you to read the consumers feedback about TM «Feed&Life» products left in a separate block.

If after getting to know the «FEEDLIFE» website you have any questions about the fodder composition and fodder additives composition, or the application features in view of the purpose, our competent staff is ready to answer them. Depending on your needs, «FEEDLIFE» specialists will advise you to:

  • choose the suitable feed,
  • help you to calculate the consumption rates,
  • determine the feeding way and feeding mode.

For getting answers to your questions and getting valuable recommendations regarding the «Feed&Life» brand products use, please contact our consultant managers in the most convenient way for you. Full information about contacts is placed in the corresponding section on the site.

Combined fodder factory «FEEDLIFE»: product advantages

The positive effect of «FEEDLIFE» combined fodders on the livestock and poultry industry profitability is due to the key advantages of our products:

  • The use of natural raw materials which was thoroughly controlled.
  • Production based on using high-precision technological equipment.
  • The optimal complex of vitamins and microelements in the composition.
  • Effective management and qualified staff.
  • Guaranteed premium quality of the finished product.
  • Available prices for wholesale and retail buyers.

In order to evaluate the merits of «FEEDLIFE» products personally, order from us сombined fodder from the manufacturer in the right amount. To find out about the availability of the interested in you combined fodder and the nearest point of sales, you can contact the manager by calling us by phone or by writing us to e-mail.

Hurry to buy excellent quality combined fodder in Ukraine on favorable terms! Thanks to professional fattening with using «FEEDLIFE» high-grade сombined fodders you will get an excellent result.