For large and small cattle

Feeding ration of large and small cattle

Milk and meat productivity of both small and large cattle mainly depends on the feed base condition. Therefore, the ration for cows, goats and sheeps should be based on recommended feeding standards.

In the stag period the cattle ration must consist mainly of roughage for animals. To increase animal’s appetite and milk capacity, it is useful to give for animals juicy and concentrated fodder. It is also advisable to use combined fodders of brand «Feed&Life», whose consumption per head during the fattening period ranges from 40 kg to 585 kg.

If the desired result of fattening cows or bulls are high milk yield and quality meat, then during growing up of goats or sheeps it is still important to take care of animals skin condition. In order to the sheep's wool was thick and beautiful in appearance, the animals regularly need to get feed containing sulfur.

Feed composition for large and small cattle

The composition of high-quality combined fodders for large and small cattle of brand «Feed&Life» includes:

  • crude protein;
  • dry fiber;
  • amino acids;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins and microelements.

Components percentage in cattle feed varies depending on the livestock's age.

Feeding mode for large and small cattle

Adult livestock of small and large cattle should be fed 3 times a day. Juicy and cereal foods are recommended to give in the morning and in the afternoon, rough - for each feeding, and less nutritious feed - in the evening. At the same time, concentrates are given first, juicy feed - after them, roughage - at the end.

If during the grazing period animals spend at least 13 hours on the pasture, you can refuse additional feeding.