About company


The company's activity is the production of feed and feed additives of premium class, of varying complexity and purpose, produced under the trademark "Feed & Life"


Feedlife Limited Liability Company was established in January, 2008.
In just a few years, due to complete technical and technological re-equipment and efficient management, it acquired a status of one of the leading companies in its branch in the Ukrainian market.


The key activity area of the company is compound animal feedstuffs and prime fodder additives production, of various complexity and use under the Feed&Life Trademark:
• granulated or cropped all-in-one animal feedstuffs (live-stock animals, barnyard fowl)
• granulated mixed concentrated animal feedstuffs (live-stock animals)
• protein-vitamin-mineral additives (live-stock animals, barnyard fowl)
• premixes (live-stock animals, barnyard fowl)
• fish feed
 mineral mixtures for cattle
Individual segment of production is pre-starting feedstuff on the basis of authorial exclusively developed technology.


Available, high quality products made of natural, safety raw components always were and still remain a visiting card of the company.
The company success is based on the practical experience, implementation of the advanced technology in feeding, fodder production and innovative ideas in preparing raw materials for production of the finished products.

Feedlife (Limited Liability Company) proposes its Customers not only typical, standard products and feeding programs, but also products and programs developed in accordance with the individual requirements.

Fundamental principles of the company are professionalism, reliability, efficiency, sustained quality, and flexible prices.