Feed milling plant  Feedlife (Limited Liability Company) is equipped with high-technology equipment manufactured by Swiss Buhler AG Company with a system of full automation of processes.

From 2008 to 2013 the following overall modernization of production facilities has been performed:


Modernized all transport lines of the enterprise


The possibilities of cereals and albinotic dry feed stocks receiving system were increased to 80 tons per hour


The separate line of micro dosing for production of fodder additives and premixes with the capacity of 12 thousand tons per year was installed


In addition, two granulation lines were launched with dual system of product conditioning and sterilization that allows producing 150 thousand tons of compound animal feedstuff per year


The automated line for product packaging in valve bags (10 kg, 25 kg) was commissioned with the capacity of 22,5 tones per hour.
When ordered by the Customer, it is possible to pack in bags of smaller volume – 2 kg and 5 kg.


There was performed overall technical re-equipment of engineering and manufacturing laboratory that carries out the following functions at all stages of production:
- total control over the whole raw materials;
- regular monitoring all production process;
- routine inspection of products.


Product delivery to the Customer can be performed by means of road transport (including special purpose vehicle with air assist for fodders being unloaded in bulk) and railway transport.


It is possible to sell compound animal feeding stuff and fodder additives directly, ex works, or through the official representative network in the regions.


For the segment of retail Customers there is a company store.